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Koncept: Vlade širom sveta su suočene sa novom sferom elektronskih podataka, što je posledica povišeno prezentovanje i korišćenje informacionih tehnologija (IT). Podaci se nagomilavaju na desktop računarima, serverima, trakama, CD-ovima itd. Tek su tokom prošle decenije vodeći zaposleni i politička elita počeli da se pitaju kako će svi ovi podaci biti sačuvani kao dokaz akcije e-uprave za blisku i dalju budućnost i naše potomstvo.


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SQM have everything you need to get tasks done.

SQM is proprietary tool developed initialy for our own needs and engagement models. If you have question how to organize service system for better service quality, SQM will help you to shape best business practices and procedures for productivity, service quality and satisfaction.

Do you organization have problems like this?

  • Giving tasks to different teams but having problem with feedback and execution?
  • It is not visible to other co-workers what we are doing and how to join.
  • We are losing time calling to internal and external people to ask for status?
  • I don’t have customer satisfaction feedback for every service that we provide
  • We are not learning from previous activities...
  • I need single version of documents and advanced webinar collaboration!
  • We need service tracking for legal reasons…
  • It is impossible to organize measure and manage service quality, productivity and timing across departments and people!

SQM supports you to unleash full potentials in every team as being multidisciplinary tool:
Help Desk, Service Desk, Ticketing, Collaboration, Service Quality Measurement...
SQM has features that empower your teams to be efficient, no matter where they're located. Every company, team or employee handles tens or hundreds service requests daily or weekly. Main SQM focus is to help assign, plan, organize and manage internal or external service requests and tasks (activities) across different teams without the dominant use of email, physical meetings and call backs between internal employees, partners and customers.

By using SQM tool, Info Management achieved to:

  • Cut internal email by an average of 55%
  • Accelerate project delivery by 35%
  • Increase productivity by 20-55%
  • Enhance overall service quality and satisfaction feedback on every service ticket!

Organization at your fingertips - Create and manage internal or external service requests
Organize everything you need in one spot to complete your goals. Develop easily ideas within teams. Break goals into manageable service requests, attach files, and set due dates. Easily track overall progress and individual contribution. Your teams can manage and prioritize work more easily, complete projects faster and reduce rework while offering visibility to all.

SQM Functionalities:

Turn Talk to Action
With SQM, you can turn discussions into action directly during the meeting. Instantly create tasks, assign them, set due dates, and drive to completion. No need to schedule a meeting just to follow up on action items from a previous meeting or your ideas!

After creating a task, you can assign it to one or more people or team and create task owner.

Coordinate Across Teams
Set up workflows „To-do lists“for tickets to notify task owners when they should begin work. Reduce miscommunication and mistakes when everyone has transparency into work. Break down team and organization silos!

Customization to Your Business
Create Custom Statuses of service requests-tickets that are unique to your business. They are enabling more precise actions and feedbacks.

Adding followers to a task allows specific people to receive notifications on task activity.

Comment walls and built-in editor’s help you create, share, and collaborate on text files, spread sheets, presentations, video and audio files in real time. Post comments, share an update with your network or ask for feedback, like or dislike some ideas. Your people will be notified instantly about new posts.

User Groups
Creating custom user groups within your or customer organization helps to selectively share ticket feedback and files, ensuring the right people are getting the information they need.

Open System
Need to share tasks with a consultant or partner for feedback? No problem, SQM lets you communicate and share tasks with people outside your company, too.

Recreating the Same Type of Service Request
Work faster next time by recreating the same type of activities with our handy duplicating feature.

Like or Dislike Counter
Liking or disliking a comment counts the opinions of co-workers. Get insights about the posts that are highly influential among your audience, manage voting’s and group inspired decisions.

@-mention someone in a comment (use the “@“symbol before their name) to bring them into the conversation.

Commenting Document
#-mention and link some documents in comments (use the „#“symbol and chose which document link to attach).

Personal Dashboard (My Work)
With few clicks review all your assigned tasks or team tasks, or tasks that you requested from others. Easily manage your daily work by grouping tasks to "Today", "This week", "Next week", or "Later". Consolidate to-dos from all of your projects and easily notify team.

To Do List
Create visual timeline that lets you view your team activities, schedule and set dependencies in real time with easy adjustments to keep your team on track. Balance resources and track performance via a workload view. An open view of team workloads makes it easy to recalibrate when necessary.

A label allows you to categorize tasks with a custom description and colour.

Setting a priority allows you to rank your tasks according to their importance.

Instant filters let you sort the table of tickets by companies, people, service requests, service owners, labels, task status, priority, due date, you name it. Just use keywords to search, or select one of the options from the drop-down menu.

Live Activity Stream, e-Mail Sinking
A real time feed of updates on all tickets activity provides instant status reports and cuts meetings and email communication even 75% so you can focus on the important stuff. Every change and update (log tracking) on service ticket is delivered instantly to e-mails of team members.

Comments, Proofing & Approval
Simplify comments, feedback and approval cycles on the pages with full context while avoiding redundant e-mails.

Time Management & Tracking
Organize time better for less or more important or urgent activities. Keep track of how time is being spent on service requests, by whole team or team member for accurate planning and budget management.

Forecasts of Delivery Time
Send feedback if you are delayed and ask for approval for extending deadlines and delivery time. Also you could notify team for your earlier delivery.

Urgent Feedback Request
If you are missing feedback on ticket, no problem. By clicking the Urgent Feedback Request button, send automatically e-mail, SMS or push notification to one or many assigned people asking for their service feedback, or inform them about some changes.

Redirecting to another assignee
You can redirect ticket to another employee that is better person to deal with the issue. You can also change service leader.

Setting a due date within a task allows you to schedule deadlines and even sort by due date if you like.

Manage a dispersed team no matter where your team members are.
SQM keeps everyone in sync and on schedule, wherever they go and however they like to work.

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